Jun 20, 2016


Life is tough. Spent some time boost positive morale and encouragement from reading post from real stay at home mom and real dad who makes small money (raising big family). Oh yeah, I know I am not the only one. I came across this post from northern cheapskate (big fan of her). I love the idea, of keep reminding yourself, penting sangat terus menabung, even though the amount might be RM10 OR LESS, even syiling2 pun takpe.

My biggest weaknesses is, I TEND TO LOOK DOWN on those small amount of money. Ala.. setakat RM15,  setakat RM1.50, tak payah la simpan. Bukan boleh jadi kaya. Tapi kan, kalau nilai lebihan tu besar lah, lagi banyak godaan nak beli. It is so true for me.

Keep saving even when things are tough.Teruskan saving. Baik buat 1 akaun, tempat saving kan, walaupun sikit setiap bulan. at least subur la juga tabiat menabung tu. Can you handle the look from the bank officer, kalau saya simpan bulan tu RM4.50. hahahhaha

Dave Ramsey Tweet
A recent remark from Dave Ramsey on Twitter

Even if I only save $20 this month, it is still $20 I will have in the bank for a rainy day.  The amount that I save isn’t as important as the action of saving.  Stop saving, and it is way too easy to start accumulating debt.

But we have to keep going.  Why? Because you can’t afford not to!  As Dave Ramsey said early this week – you have to prepare for a rainy day because IT IS GOING TO RAIN!

Stuff happens.  Unexpected stuff like garage foundation problems.  But stuff you expect happens, too, like needing to put new brakes on the car.   Having a little bit of money in savings makes a huge difference.  It’s the difference between freedom and the shackles of debt.

Every little bit that you can save helps ensure a life with less worry and more joy.

Saving money is a habit – a very good habit, and it’s important to keep at it, no matter what.

Jom, saving lagi!!!